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This programme aims at empowering the catchment community with knowledge, skill and attitudes for sustainable use, management and conservation of natural resources in the Aberdare ecosystem.

Activities target self-help groups, environmental clubs in learning institutions and the Forest communities.  The clubs and groups undergo training in agro-forestry, organic farming and institutional strengthening. They are then assisted to start tree nurseries and other eco-friendly activities in their localities. The idea is to ensure availability of seedlings from sources that are accessible to members of the community for planting in their woodlots and local forest area.

Objectives of Environmental Education
Awareness: to help the community and individuals acquire an awareness of and are sensitive to the total environment and its associated problems.
Knowledge: Help   individuals gain a variety of experiences and acquire a basic understanding of the environment and its associated problems
Attitudes: Enable the community and individuals acquire the skills for identifying and solving environmental problems.
Participation: The community and individuals are provided with an opportunity to  actively participate  at all levels in working towards



Community level awareness through mural art

The mural project was started in the year

2007. Kiangure springs works with local artists, learning institutions, businesspersons and other stakeholders in its Endeavour to pass environmental conservation messages to the resident populations as well as visitors. The activities of the project portray themes aimed at educating the local communities.




A mural on tree planting painted in a local school



A mural in a local school painted with support from Panasonic in Japan

A mural being painted in a local primary school Funded our partner, PAINTING A NEW WORLD


The mural painting project is aimed at creating awareness on the need to conserve the Aberdare forest and the environment in general.

We offer training and technical skills to local artists to be able to improve their artistic skills and to appreciate environmental artwork,

Painting of environmental murals on walls in school compounds and other public areas like tea buying centres shopping centres etc. The murals are drawn in full colour and carry conservation messages.

Our murals have directly reached to over 500,000 persons as they are painted in strategic places and helped change their attitude.



 KSEI has established environmental clubs in schools.Activities of the clubs include :

1) Tree planting

2) Water monitoring

3) Environmentalessay contest

4) Environmental Magazine

5) Training and networking


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